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All your forms in one place. Formie handles the validation and processing, you handle the integration. No servers required!

We all know that building forms is often boring and repetitive, especially when the form is small and low priority. takes all the pain away by automating the process, or at least to a certain extent. is great for small landing pages/brochure websites where all you have is a contact form. Using you don’t need to use any PHP or Javascript to send the email to your email address or just see the user input directly on the Dashboard.

From just a brief look at you can understand how easy it is to integrate it into your system. Below I will show a quick example:

  1. Create an account. Is free and no card is required.
  2. Log in and go to the Dashboard.
  3. Click on Create new form, set a Name for your form, and click Create.
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Newly created Form.
  1. Click on Form Validation.
  2. Click on the green plus icon to add the fields to the form.
  3. You can easily edit or delete a form field by using one of the buttons. Once all the fields are added click Save.
Editing a form field. Remember to specify if is required or not.
  1. Click on the Settings button.
    • Here you have a few options:
      1. How long should we keep submissions for? – here you can set for how long you want Formie to keep the submissions.
      2. Forward submissions to email address – Formie can also forward the contents of the form to an email. You could forward this to your I will forward this to a temporary email address.
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Edit the form Settings in

How to integrate into your system

You could just copy the code and paste the snippet of code provided by Formie. Just remember to add all the fields to the form, not just the example ones.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is contact-form-1024x403.png
Example of the form using the code from the snippet and some added CSS.

Fill out the form and click Send. If you have specified the _redirect input field, it will take you to that page.

Form sent successfully and redirected.

Go your form in and click Refresh Inbox. You should see the data you have just submitted. The data will also be forwarded to the email address specified.

In you can now see the data submitted through the form.

In conclusion, is a great little tool to use for quick jobs or mundane tasks. Is easy to use, very useful and most importantly free (for now at least). I would recommend this to any person that doesn’t wish to spend lots of time building custom form functionalities.

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