HOW TO: Sketchy Render Architecture

If you are studying architecture or just someone interested in learning what a render is or how to do renders using software programs like SketchUp, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, then this video tutorial realized by Iulia Lup is for you.

Student Offers

If you are a student then you probably know that most brands and companies are willing to offer you considerable discounts to use their products or services. This is mostly based on the assumption that once you graduate and become an ‘adult’, you would be so used to their products or so much into their ecosystems that you would just be willing to pay the full price and remain a loyal customer.

Below are some of the offers I found for architecture/art students, you might also be interested in this article that shows even more offers for students.

Save over 65% on Creative Cloud.

Render – Adobe Programs

Adobe gives students the Creative Cloud All Apps package which literally includes all of their apps for just £16.24/ mo (incl. VAT) (normal price is £30.34/ mo (incl. VAT)). However, the price only applies for the first year. You’ll have to pay £25.28/mo after that, which is not too bad.

SketchUp for Students

SketchUp Studio is available to students for a yearly license of £42 if you are in the UK or $55/yr USD. This software is great at giving that sketchy feeling to a render.


There are many other offers for students for most architecture software programs, you just need to choose your software and find the best student deal.

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