Minimalistic & Eco-friendly Wall Art and Greeting Cards - CraftyWolfByIulia

Minimalistic & Eco-friendly Wall Art – CraftyWolfByIulia

Are you looking for great gift ideas for your loved ones this Christmas? Or maybe you’re just looking for wall art that is unique, minimalistic, and eco-friendly? CraftyWolfByIulia is an upcoming Etsy shop that offers all of that.

With beautiful art that illustrates yoga or ballet positions or just meaningful messages, all carefully designed and printed on 100% recycled cartridge paper. An excellent quality mix of 50% coffee cup waste (destined for landfill) coupled with 50% recycled paper from the mill. The idea behind this shop is to reduce waste and even the packages used to ship the product are all recycled.

Apart from the faboulous art and design, the shop allows customers to choose from multiple options when it comes to the format of the products. Based on the your budget and requirements, you may:

  1. Download a digital version of the wall art – you get instant access to the file and can print it whenever you want. However many copies you want.
  2. Buy a Physical Print – this is great if you’ve already got a frame you want to use or just want the art to be printed in high quality and quickly delivered on recycled paper.
  3. Buy a Framed Print – this is the most robust offer out of all of them. The gracious art is printed on fine art recycled paper and framed in high quality but yet light frame. The frame is available in multiple colors and sizes, making it the complete ultimate gift for the people you care about.

All art is created in Manchester, free delivery is available for people living in the UK, and even better, this Black Friday week there is a 25% sale discount on most orders.

Extra useful information

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few other extra details about the shop to offer you peace of mind:

  1. The shop has over 750 sales and it has been on Etsy since 2018.
  2. The shop has a 5 Stars average review rating.
  3. Shipping is available worldwide and delivered directly via Royal Mail from the UK.
  4. You may personalize the art however you want, just need to message the seller in advance.
  5. The seller also offers design services, she created numerous Logos, Banners, Flyers, etc…
  6. The owner is based in Manchester, UK, doing her Masters in Architecture at Manchester University.
  7. You may find the shop on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy.
CraftyWolfByIulia - Etsy recommendation
CraftyWolfByIulia – Etsy recommends the shop

Remember, the holiday season is upon us which means that packages will start getting delivered with more and more delays. Don’t wait till the last moment to order your favorite gifts as they might not get to you in time. Order from CraftyWolfByIulia the sooner you can and avoid any unwanted stress.

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