#MoreThanARefugee – YouTube video full of dislikes

As you might already be aware, today is the global #RefugeeDay and YouTube launched the hashtag #MoreThanARefugee. It’s just like fathers/moms day, but instead you should celebrate the strength and power of all the refugees.

I really do have a lot of compassion for refugees, especially those ones that had no choice but to migrate from their homeland to anywhere, just to be safe. I am aware of all the recent events and I have a strong opinion about it, but that’s a story for another day.

YouTube released the video below just over four hours ago and it’s got over half a million views:


Now, I just went to YouTube to watch some videos. I’ve clicked on the animated logo in the top left, just because it caught my attention. I watched the video and had this happy feeling inside me.

Seeing those people, refugees from all around the world, sharing their experience and their hopes for a better world, really made my day.

Of course that I clicked “Thumbs Up”, the video had exactly 31,263 likes. That’s great for a video with 500.000 views released just four hours ago, but right in that moment, after seeing the number of dislikes I was shocked.

66,731 random people disliked a short video that was just promoting the motivation these refugees have to go forward every day. My next mistake was to look at the comments. Somehow I was so fool to believe that there’s been some kind of mistake and those dislikes are just some joke.

All the comments that I could see were either resists or just bad jokes about refugees or YouTube. A lot of them also kept saying “Flagged for terrorism.”. One comment tho tried to have a little bit of sense:

“Funny how you chose women, old people and children. Because that’s not whose coming to Europe now. The majority of migrants are single men who lack asylum reasons. 60% are economical migrants according to EU Vice President Frans Zimmerman. But now I understand where YouTube stands on the issue, […]”

by Angry Foreigner

Firstly, yeah, it is true that in this video, YouTube is showing women, old people and children to tell the message, but I think that there’s two main reasons for that:

  1. This minority of people are the ones that actually need help the most, the ones to show they are #MoreThanARefugee.
  2. That old man migrated to Greece in 1967. He was a young man when he went to Greece as a refugee. It’s still not got any rights but lives peacefully with his family and is grateful for the peace he’s having.

Secondly, those economical migrants are going to help the economy, won’t really need the state support or at least not for a long period of time and will probably go back after a short period of time, mainly because of the racism they must face and the lack of help.

Overall, I am extremely disappointed to see that a short video like this is just trolled this way by close minded people that either don’t understand that the refugee crisis is a much bigger problem than they can imagine, or they just dislike a video for fun.

I really wish people would understand that just because there’s a comment section allowing you to say your opinion in a civilised way, it doesn’t mean you have to use it. Especially for trolling like that.

You got the power of the internet at your thumb nails. Use it for gosh sake to inform yourself and at least try to form an unbiased decision, not just troll other people.

Let me know what you think about this video and the online reaction in the comments below.

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Below you can find some references in case you want to dive deeper into the subject, but you’re too lazy to do the research yourself.








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