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Top 3 Apps of the Month – July 2017

Every week new apps are launched into the stores. App Store or Play Store, they both offer plenty of apps to choose from. Below are my ‘Top 3 Apps of the Month’:


  1. Learn Digital | FREE
Learn Digital apps Banner
Learn Digital Banner
  1. This app might turn out to be the best learning app you can download from Play Store right now. In my opinion knowing some digital marketing is a must nowadays, therefore this app is essential. The fact that it was created by Google should give you enough confidence to install it. You can get a Google certificate just by doing all the lessons provided within the app.

Using video tutorials and explaining subjects in a straight forward manner, this app makes you feel like you learn something new every ten minutes.

You can get a similar version of this on App Store as well, it’s called Google Primer – Learn Marketing, Fast.  I totally recommend this app.

  1. 2. YouTube Creator Studio | FREE
YouTube Creator Studio apps banner
YouTube Creator Studio banner

If you have got a YouTube account then you probably know how important the Creator Studio is. Again, Google came to our help by creating this very useful app for YouTube creators and users in general.

It allows you to edit all of your videos and settings and basically do everything you could do on the website. It’s extremely handy when you’ve not got a laptop with you or just want to have a quick look at your analytics.

3. WordPress| FREE

Wordpress Apps banner
WordPress banner

Just as the above image says, this app allows you to manage your website ( if you use WordPress). I use WordPress to do everything on this blog so this app is a must for me.

It’s 100% reliable and easy to use, allowing any blogger to post something quickly or website admin to control his website. It’s free and available on both iOS and Android.

What do you think about these apps?

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