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Top 3 Apps of the Month – June 2017

Every week new apps are launched into the stores. App Store or Play Store, they both offer plenty of apps to choose from. Below are my ‘Top 3 Apps of the Month’:


  1. Exploding Kittens® – Official | £1.69
  2. For the past month this little app literally kind of obsessed me. I love the board game, so getting this app was a must. Especially since I’ve got it on offer for only £0.10 (That’s a GREAT PRICE).

    This app allows you to play a super fun card game with different players from around the world, Android or iOS and you can also host games to play with your friends. It’s great when you got five minutes to spare or you just want to take your mind off of something.

    I have recommended this app to a few friends already and they all said that is worth the price. I also love it, therefore I am 100% recommending you get this app and explode some kittens.

  3. 2. Shapr | FREE
Shapr Marketing Image

This app is great if you want to get in touch with new professionals. The idea is so simple and efficient, I keep wondering why didn’t LinkedIn come up with this app months ago. So far I have met two people using this app and talked with more than ten online. You could say that it’s Tinder for actual adults I guess.

By using your GPS, the app offers you 16 possible matches that are located in your area. I must admit that either their database with UK people is still quite small or the app is not calculating the distance correctly because sometimes I get people that are hundreds of miles away from me. Even with all of that taken into consideration, this app is worth a try and I am pretty sure that it will have some big success in the near future.

3. Skype | FREE

I know, I know… Skype is an old app that’s been in the stores for years now. Hold on onto your thought there! They’re latest update just made me fall in love with their app again.

I am using the app on an Android device, Nexus 6P with the latest version of Android. Apart from the fact that their UI it actually looks like is from this century, the app is more reliable and brings a bunch of new features to the table. Like:

  • split screen while on a video call
  • sending emoticons while on a video call
  • a new “Highlights” feature that is basically short videos shown in the Snapchat style
  • you can also follow people and be followed on Skype (which seems a lot like Twitter actually)

Overall the new interface looks great. The new design kind of keeps reminding you that you use Android, while iOS looks better. In times when Mark Z. keeps stealing features and ideas from other companies without any consequences, I guess this move from Skype is totally acceptable.

What do you think about these apps?

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