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Top 5 YouTube Channels I Watch

Lately, I have started to realise just how much video content I ‘consume’, 99.9% coming from YouTube, of course. That’s probably the case for most of the younger audience out there.

A very small, (unfortunate) amount of young individuals are still sitting on a couch, in front of the TV, waiting for an outdated TV channel to serve them with video content. If you’re one of those people, I’m sorry for you, maybe this article will open your eyes. If you’re already watching everything online then congrats! You’re one of those normal people.

After taking a closer look at my “YouTube Usage” I could notice there’s just a few YouTube channels that I watch the most. Below are the Top 5 YouTube Channels I watch almost daily:

1. VOX

They make videos about a wide range of subjects, from Politics, History, Science to Rapping and Cartoons. What I love most about them is that they try to always base their stories on facts, not just gossip or theories.  Most of their videos have now millions of views, with their most successful video having over 25 million views.

I personally believe that that’s how journalism should be approached, especially in these days.

2. FailArmy

If you’re looking to relax or just laugh at how stupid/funny some people are, then this channel is made for you. They keep posting frequently, 1-3 funny videos a week.

I watch every episode from there and I can promise that you won’t be able to watch one of their videos without laughing.

3. CaseyNeistat

After watching all of his vlogs and videos for almost three years, I think that is fair to call myself Casey’s fan. Most of his videos are really good, trying to inspire people to do more and be more active in their daily life. It’s really good to watch if you want to see a positive mind set and a man super full of energy.

He it’s also known as one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube. He’s really got a unique way of telling a story.


If your field of interest is technology then you have probably already heard of MKBHD. His honest and simple reviews are appreciated by millions of people. I almost watch every one of his episodes, even though I’m not interested in all the tech that he presents.

With over 4.6 millions of subscribers, he is the place to go to for tech reviews.


5.  Screen Junkies

I will be honest. I personally don’t watch all of their videos. They create loads of content, mostly good, but what I really like and 100% recommend is the “Honest Trailers” series. It’s brilliant. Smart and funny at the same time, making wise comments on all sorts of movies and TV series.

Once you watch an Honest Trailer, you can’t stop watching, especially if you’re into movies as well.


So there you have it. The top 5 YouTube channels I watch (at least for now). Let me know what YouTube channels you think would be worth watching.

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